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koko & sheah

The founders of KoShe Organics started this business due to common health problems i.e. chronic pain and trouble sleeping.

Koko was the first to personally benefit from “KoShe Organics” products when she found herself experiencing chronic pain. Now the product is an integral part of her daily regiment.

When we found ourselves suffering from both issues of sleeplessness and chronic pain, we made the choice to research natural solutions. During our research we learned about the benefits of CBD. Unfortunately we also learned an unpleasant truth about the CBD industry.


organic & Bioavailable

CBD is not the problem. The issue is that the industry is largely unregulated and full of poorly produced products.


After trying several of the biggest brands on the market and only finding relief from one; we realized that there was a need. We decided to do something about it and as a result,” KoShe Organics” was created.

Our Mission is to help people by creating the most pure, organic and bioavailable broad spectrum cannabinoid products on the market, at a reasonable price.

This mission remains the quest of

“KoShe Organics”

“KoShe Organics” is a LGBTQ and family owned and operated business.

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The first person to join KoShe’s team was Sheryl. Her 28 years of experience with the world’s leading metabolic health company proved invaluable to KoShe’s mission. Sheryl is a respected speaker on a personal and professional level of excellence.

Next was CeCe, who used her experience as a social media professional to help manage KoShe’s social media and help open their global online store.

KoShe Organics has a passion for helping people in need. Whether we are waking up at 5am to serve breakfast to the homeless or raising money to help starving children around the world; KoKo and SheAh are happiest when serving others.

In addition to “KoShe Organics”, we have a You Tube channel called “The KoShe Show”. This venture has brought us around the world where we give hope to those who need an encouraging hand everywhere we speak.


We are committed to aid families who can’t afford necessary substances to keep their families sustained and giving a portion of our sales to deserving non profits.


Among the many commitments of “KoShe Organics”, the desire to leave a better world for the next generation. As a progressive leader, this means furthering respect for human rights and fighting against social injustice.

We believe in showing respect to our employees, suppliers, customers, and anyone else who comes in contact with our company. We also remain committed to safeguarding the environment by keeping “KoShe Organics” a primarily green company.

Image by Evan Dennis

CBD is the male part of the cannabinoid plant family which has been used for thousands of years in multiple cultures for different ailments with great success. It has no hallucinatory

or mind altering effects.

Image by Evan Dennis

The body has two cannabinoid receptors which are CB! and CB2.

Our bodies do not produce enough naturally so the earth supplies what we need with products from natural herbs. 

The male hemp plant specially provides the CBD oil through processing.


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