It all began when Helen was hungry and had a taste for cheese grits. While the hot grits were simmering on the stove. Helen took the top off the hot simmering grits. The steam from the cheese grits gave Helen a second degree facial burn.


All the medications that were given to her to sooth her achey burnt face just made it worse. She looked awful, Her face was cracking and pus from the open sores had began to create scar which made very blackish spots on her forehead, cheeks and her chin.


She was told not to return to work because she was frightening students in her business class. Not knowing what to do, she called her mother who suggested to put some butter on the wounds. This proved even more devastating, Helen began praying and as the tears ran down her face, her face began to hurt even worse from the salt entering the wounds. Helen felt hopeless, as she laid on the couch she began to pray for help.


As she prayed, she fell asleep while her bible was on her chest and when she woke up, the Bible fell on the floor and ingredients seemed to be coming to her at a very rapid pace. Helen began to make the Black Walnut CBD Health Soap.


Within 3 weeks she was back at work and the dark discoloration of her face had vanished. Her business students were so impressed that they started purchasing the soaps. One student had really bad acne and within 1 month his skin was silky smooth. He told Helen that he had a few girl friends now because they loved the way his face felt. He said before using the soap he had no girl friend and people looked at him strange because of his bad acne. He said now he only shaves with the Black Walnut CBD Health Soap.

A CasGra Skin Care Collaboration

Our exfoliate soap is especially made for your face and body and is said to aide in the healing of skin acne.

Directions: Lather soap with water & apply daily for best results.

Ingredients: Organic Black walnut leaves, organic rolled oats, organic crushed almonds, Shea butter, Castor oil, Grape seed oil, organic crushed Apricots, organic Coconut butter, organic milk powder, organic honey powder, natural goat milk base, organic lemon peels, “CasGra Skin Care Secret Youth serum”.


Most of the soaps ingredients are of the highest grade A food quality because Helen realized that if you can’t digest it, then why put it on your skin! Depending on usage, the Black Walnut CBD Health Soap can last up to 1-3 months.



Black Walnut CBD Health Soap