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Give rooms character with your favorite Room Spray handcrafted from Pampered by Peta! Choose from 9 scents that will command any area of your home. Simply spray, sit back, and sniff in response to how the mist wavers out bad odors and restores zen.


Room sprays are great for those seeking a hint of fragrance in their household and can be an alternative to scented candles, oil warmers, and plug-ins. Easily target unpleasant smells or spray all over curtains, bedding, and furniture for a lingering aroma. 


"Sugar Bliss" - Tantalizing, sweet gourmand
"Relaxed Yet?" - Tranquil blend of honey vanilla
"Unwined!" - Awakening lemon and eucalyptus
"Tasty Treat" - Yummy black raspberry vanilla
"Fresh Linen" -  Laundry fresh light and cool
"More Wine?" - Peaceful lavender, rejuvenating floral vanilla
"Strawberry Limeade" - Strawberry lemon zest
"Bite Me"- Verry Berry Vanilla
"Island Ting" -Georgia Peach with Grapefruit



- Made from distilled Water, Alcohol, and Fragrance Oil
- Choose 4oz, 8oz, or 16oz glass spray bottle size
- Light spray for households, offices, and hospitality

Fragrant Room Spray


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